We have developed a platform technology that lets you deliver to your audience your TV signal live webcast

Your list TV station to broadcast live online in just a few minutes

Streaming TV, advanced solution for broadcasting multimedia content (audio and video) over the Internet, either signal live or prerecorded files (streaming on demand), IPTV, point to point links and content syndication technologies Windows Media, SHOUTtcast, Streaming Flash or Quicktime.

We also offer the possibility of issuing its events live via the Internet. An alternative broadcast via streaming you can use with your own equipment production and realization or hiring our service event production turnkey; we take care of everything for your event broadcast live over the Internet: cameras, development, production, encoding, sending the signal to the streaming servers and streaming broadcast via its own website. From any location, whether or not broadband, even if you do not have Internet access, with our Mobile Satellite units.


Demo Transmisión TV en Vivo